Léna Pelaez

Intern Hydrographic Surveyor

  • 2nd year MSc in Engineering specialising in Hydrography and Oceanography at Ensta Bretagne, France

Léna has joined us to conduct her practical experience phase required by Ensta Bretagne.  At Hydrographic & Cadastral Survey, Léna’s 3 months will be full of multi-disciplinary practice and use of diverse equipment.

As the Company provides a wide range of hydrographic services, Léna will be conducting activities such as side scan sonar, multibeam, singlebeam, LiDAR with SLAM technology, GNSS, robotic total station, reporting, quoting, project management and much more.

Every year, students from Ensta Bretagne apply to hydrographic surveying organisations and companies to conduct these required internships.  At HCSurvey, we’re here to help our early professional hydrographic surveyors achieve their goals.

Specialist Positions Held

  • June to August 2022, Intern Hydrographic Surveyor