Survey Equipment

Norbit WBMS

All-in-one broadband multibeam sonar provides high resolution bathymetry over a wide swath. Fitted with an OEM Applanix motion reference system allowing fast and reliable mobilisation along with quality sounding in most survey conditions.

Nominal frequency 400kHz with 5-210° swath capability.

Teledyne optech laser scanner

Combine laser scanned shore side infrastructure with your multibeam soundings to achieve excellence in modelling and engineering design. 

High-resolution camera to correlate visually against point cloud data.  With inclinometer, compass, GPS receiver, and weather-proof housing, the Polaris can be deployed for static or mobile acquisition.

The Teledyne Optech Polaris TLS delivers accurate and precise data fast, bridging the gap between small, light-weight, short-range sensors and large, long-range, pulsed time-of-flight scanners.

Side Scan Sonar (SSS)

452F Starfish for reconnaissance and feature detection in harbour and river environments. For more stringent surveys, a higher grade SSS is available as required. 

Valeport MiniSVP and MiniSVS

Sound Velocity (SV) probe for observing SV through the water column and SV sensor for observing SV at the transducer head.

Hemisphere VS110

Heading reference system.

Hemisphere R220

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) receiver for multibeam operations.


Digital radio base and rover. GPS and GLONASS enabled offering more satellites for better reliability and cm accuracy during RTK operations.

Satelline easy pro 25w base station radio modem

Enabling the transmission of base station corrections to approx. 20km

Ceeducer Pro

Dual frequency singlebeam echo sounder. Depending on the survey requirement, single frequency or dual frequency may be logged (200kHz / 30kHz). Horizontal accuracy of sounding is increased by using a narrow beam transducer of 3˚ with the 200kHz system. This is important for dredge and engineering surveys particularly on the batter.
Differential positioning of soundings is achieved either via the AMSA beacon system or if required via Real Time Kinematic methods. These methods can provide accuracies from metre to sub metre.

Workhorse Acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP)

WHS300 rated to 6000m

Used to determine tidal stream flow rate and direction at depth bins determined by the requirements.  Flow rate information is typically used to assist in modelling sediment dispersion and to inform ship drivers for safe navigation.

PS103A Total Station

Topcon PS103A

Robotic / reflectorless 3” total station capable of up to 1000m in reflectorless mode.


HCSurvey utilise a range of specialised software to acquire and integrate your data which include but are not limited to:


Provides a single data logging, processing and plotting software for multiple hydrographic equipment.


Processing software for multibeam and singlebeam data, providing client presentations and deliverables.

Magnet Office and Field

Office and Tools software used for drawing and computations. Field software for data acquisition. Using Topcon Enterprise, data can be sent in both directions during a project for quick data management.


Software for data analysis and visualisation more aligned to scientific projects.

CORS - Continuous Operating Reference Station

Providing Real Time Kinematic (RTK) solutions.


Vessels supplied to suit various water conditions and project size. From one-person launch, to vessels for coastal survey. We charter vessels as required but generally, our fleet of small craft are more than capable.

3 m

4.7 m