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Providing survey services to construction, dredging, navigation, environmental, water resource companies and Government agencies since 2005.

What Certified Hydrographic Surveying services can we provide for you?

Nation wide specialty services

Bathymetric & land survey

for dredging, coastal process, environment, ports, reservoirs, harbours, rivers, lakes

Side Scan Sonar surveys

for Pre and Post construction debris reports, finding that lost yacht, seabed feature search

Multibeam surveys

for 3D modelling, volumes, environmental modelling and much more


for survey verifications, client representation, contract specification review


in hydrographic survey, quality control, procedures

Sydney speciality services

We can help with your survey needs before you start your project  |  Call us on 1300 796 956

Some of our Projects

Structure survey

Conduct of under wharf 3D scanning, side scan sonar, multibeam sounding

fish reef survey services

Provision of positioning and survey of deployed artificial fish reefs


Hydrographic survey in support of dredging operations

Proud Sustaining Partner of the SSSI Hydrography Commission

Certified Hydrographic Surveyors

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