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Bathymetric (hydrographic) survey
Depth data is collected via single beam or multi beam echosounder to provide a survey plan and electronic data for development applications, construction, environmental monitoring and more.

Hydrographic training / consultancy / quality assurance  / specification review / project reviews / expert witness

Side Scan Sonar (SSS) survey
Feature detection and identification data for the purpose of seabed (port bed) clearance, environmental monitoring, pre and post construction for determining debris responsibility.

Magnetometer survey
By using the magnetic strengths in ferrous metals, sub-seabed debris fields, wrecks, buried pipelines and cable runs can be identified.


Seismic survey
Sound penetrates the seafloor and returns to the receiver in many strengths depending upon the type of seafloor.  Seismic equipment is used to represent the layers of sediment and can be used to identify solid layers for construction, sediment for dredging, pipelines, wrecks and sub-seabed resources.  Critical seismic survey data is analyzed by a fully qualified geophysicist.


Land survey
Provision of detail survey including creeks, rivers, storm water drainage, culverts, bridges and property.  Unfortunately, if you need a survey plan registered you will need to get a Registered Land Surveyor for that activity.

SSS of tyre
Recovered tyre
SSS - shelf
Recovered shelf
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