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Norbit Multibeam Echosounder

A highly portable system packed into one case for easy freight movement or checked luggage. The curved array is less susceptible to sound velocity anomalies and provides for better calculation of depth at the outer swath.  Using a multibeam provides higher accuracy in volumes, construction, environmental assessments and more with a product that will return your investment into the future.

Norbit Multibeam

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Geoswath GS+ Multibeam Echosounder

This all-rounder system provides survey data for inshore or offshore to 200m.  If however, you have shallow water of around 5m where other multibeams may as well be singlebeams, this technology is best suited and will provide wide coverage, high density soundings in a shorter timeframe. 

125kHz GeoSwath

Valeport MiniSVP and MiniSVS

Sound Velocity (SV) probe for observing SV through the water column and SV sensor for observing SV at the transducer head.

Valeport MiniSVP    Valeport MiniSVS

Hemisphere VS110

Heading reference system.

Cresent VS100

Hemisphere R220

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) receiver for multibeam operations.


Topcon HyperXT

Digital radio base and rover. GPS and GLONASS enabled offering more satellites for better reliability and cm accuracy during RTK operations.


Ceeducer Pro

Dual frequency singlebeam echo sounder. Depending on the survey requirement, single frequency or dual frequency may be logged (200kHz / 30kHz). Horizontal accuracy of sounding is increased by using a narrow beam transducer of 3˚ with the 200kHz system. This is important for dredge and engineering surveys particularly on the batter.

Differential positioning of soundings is achieved either via the AMSA beacon system or if required via Real Time Kinematic methods. These methods can provide accuracies from metre to sub metre.


Side Scan Sonar (SSS)

452F Starfish for reconnaissance and feature detection in harbour and river environments. For more stringent surveys, a higher grade SSS is available as required.


Topcon GPT8203A

Robotic / reflectorless 3” total station capable of up to 1200m in reflectorless mode.



HCSurvey utilise a range of specialised software to acquire and integrate your data


Provides a single data logging, processing and plotting software. This removes the need to transfer bathymetric data between non-hydrographic programs and maintains Quality Control and assures the client that only Trained Surveyors have prepared the data.


Processing software for multibeam and singlebeam data, providing client presentations and deliverables.

Magnet (CivilCAD)

Software for drawing and computations.


Software for data analysis and visualisation which scientists seem to prefer.

CORS - Continuous Operating Reference Station

Providing Real Time Kinematic (RTK) solutions.

Survey Boats

For all projects from one person launch capability in difficult survey areas, to larger vessels to suit various water conditions and project size.  We charter vessels as required but generally, our fleet of small craft are more than adequate.



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