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Servicing Australia in the science of Hydrography and the practice of Hydrographic Survey



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Welcome to the next step in your project’s success

Providing survey services to construction, dredging, navigation, environmental,  construction, water resource companies and Government agencies since 2005.

What Certified Hydrographic Surveying services can we provide for you?

Nation wide specialty services include:

  • Bathymetric and land survey for:
    • dredging, coastal process, environment, ports, reservoirs, harbours, rivers, lakes
  • Side Scan Sonar surveys for:
    • Finding that lost yacht, seabed feature search
  • Multibeam surveys for:
    • Nearly everything...
  • Consultancy for survey verifications, client representation, contract specification review
  • Training in hydrographic survey, quality control, procedures

Sydney specialty services include:

  • RMS Maritime Development Application surveys
  • RMS Maritime Port Bed Clearance surveys

And so much more... Give us a call to help with your survey needs

1300 796 956

Dredging operations
BV5000 deployment Fish reef loading to barge
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